Rick Ross is following the trend of having his very own customized emoji. On Friday (April 29), the Miami rhymer announced the launch of his brand new emoji pack.

According to HipHopDX, Rozay's emojis are available for $0.99 through Moji Keyboard, who also hosts emojis for rappers Fetty Wap, Future and The Game. The pack features 83 pictures and images of Ross making a variety of faces, as well as in different outfits, including wearing an ankle monitor and with a tray of WingStop wings. Ross went on his Instagram account to show off some of the new emojis.

Ross joins a list of celebrities who have their own emoji pack. Based God Lil B was one of the first rappers to have his own customized emoji. Wiz Khalifa's ex-wife Amber Rose reportedly made $4 million off her emoji app.

Oakland rhymer G-Eazy has his own emoji pack that includes images of him eating a slice of pepperoni pizza and a mouth with a gold grill, while Lil Dicky's emoji pack boasts crazy images like a hairy scrotum with a tattoo on the left nut.

Emoji Fame co-founder Gavin Rhodes, who makes emojis for a bunch of celebrities, says the trend is good for artists who want to connect with their fans.

"It's really for artists who are iconic and have rabid fan bases," he told SF Weekly. "Emojis are a new revenue stream that just never existed before...and they're also amazing engagement tools with your audience."

You can get your Rick Ross emojis at RickRossEmoji.com.

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