Illmuniati want my mind, soul and my body/Secret society, trying to keep their eye on me"—Prodigy

Well Prodigy said this in 1995 on the Who Shot Ya Remix, and rappers apparently are taking it very seriously. A aspiring rapper in Virginia, shot his friend as a sacrafice, for the Illuminati a judge in Henrico County, VA scheduled a trial for Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin.

According to the Richmond Times, El-Amin, 27, reportedly told his friend "You are my sacrifice" before firing a shot near the man's head in December. The bullet hit the man's hand, sending bone fragments into his eye. However, he was able to wrestle the gun away from El-Amin and shoot him once in the stomach before fleeing.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson said El-Amin was so high on weed when questioned he couldn't remember what happened. Johnson described the assailant as a danger to the public.

I'm so tired of this Illuminati non sense, if the Illuminati is a secret society they have done a horrible job of keeping the secret. Call me crazy but I don't believe in the Easter Bunny either. Welcome El Amin to the big dummy files.