The R. Kelly Single Ladies Tour concert was big success everyone showed out and had a good time.  There were a lot of good looking people out to see R. Kelly, there was some ratchetness on site also. Here are some of the instances of ratchetness I witnessed at the concert.

  • The Old Men Dressed up Like Pimps - I understand all men want to be reminded of the good old days when they were on top of their game.  Unfortunately those days of the 70's that you 50 + old men loved so much are over.  There is no reason to dress like that in 2012.
  • 50 Year Old Women Dressed Like Groupies - See the above for your male counterparts ladies. We understand you used to be a bad mama jamma back in the day. Unfortunately time and nature and has taken its toll, so put on a push up bra if your going to dress like that grand mom.
  • The White Guy Who Was Way To Turned Up - There was a white guy in the front row who was way too turned up .  It was actually funny it reminded me of the old lady on the Apollo who would always grab on the artist. He looked like he was having a good time but he was way to turned up. At least he enjoyed him self you know what they say #YOLO.
  • The Pregnant Girl Who Jumped on Stage - There was a girl who was behind me who was about 10 months pregnant.  During R. Kelly's last song "Step In The Name Of Love"  he asked the single ladies to hop on the stage.  THIS PREGNANT GIRL jumped over my seat and onto the stage. I was amazed !!!! Her baby is going to be the next Michael Jordan, by the way she pushed me out of the way to jump over a chair and onto the stage.
  • The Panty Thrower - I've always heard about this happening a woman throwing panties on the stage but this was the first time i've ever witnessed it first hand. R. Kelly kept the panties .... ewwwwwww

If you happened to witness any ratchet behavior at the concert feel free to share your ratchet story.