I saw this over at TMZ.  Congress might be shut down … but President Barrack Obama found time to dive into the debate over the Washington Redskins name telling a reporter he would “think about changing” the team name because it offends people.

The Prez was asked about the issues renewed controversy over the past few months ... and proclaimed nostalgia isn't a good enough reason to keep the name.

Saying if he were team owner ... there'd be serious discussion about changing it.

However, Barack doesn't think fans of the name are being racist -- they're just passionate for team history.

Obama joins a growing movement of people once again pushing for the change -- including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.


The only people who could be offended by the name are offended (Native Americans), and have been asking for the name change for years.  I don't understand why this is even a debate.  The name is offensive and should be changed. I'm sure people will find a reason to get mad at the President for commenting on this. What do you think ? Maybe a name change would make them not suck.