According to the NY Post, the late Victor Santos is tonight's BIG DUMMY. He has to be the worst stick up kid ever.
Two undercover cops fatally shot a crook in Queens Saturday night after he pointed a pellet gun at them as they arrested a drug dealer. ‘They’re cops, you idiot!” the drug dealer yelled to Victor Santos, 42, who didn’t realizing that the two were actually plain clothes police officers involved in a drug buy-and-bust operation.

Authorities believe that Santos thought he had stumbled on a robbery in progress at Seneca and Gates avenues in Ridgewood at around 10:45 p.m. — and hoped to clean out all three men, sources said. “He thinks he’s witnessing a drug [robbery] and thinks he’s going to take the proceeds from everyone,” said a police source, adding that Santos was known in the neighborhood for pulling heists.

This is a shame that this is the legacy that Victor Santos is leaving on this earth. When a criminal is yelling out to you they are cops you idiot, most people with common sense would listen and act accordingly. Victor has a long criminal history so it may sound harsh but I guess he learned his lesson this time. He picked the wrong people to rob this time R.I.P. Victor Santos.