There was a BREAKING NEWS Story yesterday involving some student bring a Drug Drink called "LEAN" to school and sharing it with other students.  Four of the students were hospitalized and luckily released.

I watched and listened to the News Story and even heard a Representative from Buffalo Public Schools warn parents about the kid's online activity while also explaining that the use of "LEAN" could have had far more serious consequences for the students involved in taking it.  I also heard and saw the listing of "ingredients" (so to speak) needed to make "LEAN" ... also known as "PURPLE DRANK" and "SIZZURP"!

Well I did some digging (didn't take much...I just typed in "LEAN DRINK" on YouTube) and LOW AND BEHOLD ... what to my wondering eyes should appear???? LIL WAYNE NAME EVERYWHERE!!!

PARENTS (and anyone contemplating using "Lean") BE AWARE: