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Timbaland Tells Squatter To Pay $30K A Month Or Leave His Mansion
So it seems that Timberland has a lil Squatter on his hands.
Hes been trying to sell his mansion for over 5 years and he finally got a buyer. He allowed the buyer to move in with the account was Escrow out but the deal went bad and the buyer is still living at the house for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE...
Crazy Times: New App Records Legal Consent For Sex!
Man, times have changed. So now before you go on a date. You send out a request to  your date saying that if it goes down...they will consent to sex.
The concept is called It's called LegalFling, and it involves a legally binding agreement...
6 New Things Getting Taxed in 2018 in New York [LIST]
This man loves taxes.
New York State is by far the state with the highest tax burden in the United States at 12.94%. Governor Cuomo is looking for $1 billion more in taxes coming this year--and we all know where who ends up paying for it in the end...

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