More people acting a fool over some damn shoes. February 24th 2012 at midnight Nike released the Foamposite Galaxy's for 220$. These shoes can be resold the next day for over 3000$ via Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc. You can see why everyone wants them. These shoes are popular because the NBA All Star Team will be warring them for the 2012 All Star Game game. I said it before and I will say it again; if you stand in line for hours, fight over shoes, or trade your car your an idiot.

Nike is releasing these shoes every month at $220 and they have people fighting to give them money. Where do they do that at ? My motto is time is money so lets do the math on the standing in line for a whole week to get some shoes. Lets say Johnny gets paid $10 working as a dish washer at a restaurant, he calls out of work to camp out at the House Of Hoops to get the foamposites. So thats 40 hrs a week at $10 an hour, 400 a week. About $300 after taxes , so he spends about $245 for a pair of shoes and is left with $55 for a pair of shoes. Speaking from some one who has over 8 pairs of these shoes it is not worth standing out side or fighting. There only shoes, your not going to be able to jump higher or magically attract more women with these shoes.