You may ask Chief Keef “Where He Get It,” and he might tell you from Cassie in “Paradise,” but we all know they just be on a “Power Trip” with J. Cole while Nicki Minaj has the haters “Up In Flames”!

J Cole – Power Trip ft. Miguel (Explicit)

This song and video have a great storyline and meaning…it’s pretty deep. Honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from J Cole and Miguel. Speaking of the duo, this is the perfect combination…their voices together seem to be a good match. Also, they aren’t too bad to look at! Click here to see them rock the stage together.

Cassie – Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa (Explicit)

Cassie is back, this time with a hopeful banger. The song is pretty good; however, I get a Rihanna vibe while listening. The video was shot on the West Coast and features some cameos from Problem and Karrueche (Chris Brown’s ex girl). It really is something that I didn’t expect coming from Cassie…I kind of like it! Take a look!

Nicki Minaj – Up In Flames

This video is not your everyday, colorful, Barbie-doll Nicki Minaj video. It shows her in all black with candles and darkness while she walks around, in a studio session or sitting down and playing the piano. There is also a motorcycle rider doing tricks throughout the video. Anyway, check out the video here!

Chief Keef -- Where He Get It

Hmmmm…what can I say about this video? It’s pretty much typical Chief Keef rapping with his homies in the background, smoking, drinking lean and driving some cars. I honestly can’t really understand too much of what he’s saying but the song does have a nice beat to it. This video is to all the Chief Keef fans out there!


Wyclef Jean -- Started from the Bottom (live performance)

Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” has created a huge buzz in the music scene. A lot of different artists, including Drake’s enemy, Chris Brown, have released a remix or freestyle to the instrumental. In this particular remix, Wyclef is talking about how he started from being poor in Haiti and transitioning into a very successful artist. It’s overall a powerful song that has a Caribbean beat feel. Check out this Bonus video!