First let me start by saying that not only is DJ Big Rob one of the Top Club DJ's in upstate New York but he has also gained major attention on the mixtape circuit. I can honestly say that DJ Big Rob & DJ Mr. Illmatic are the reason why I can appreciate dance hall/ragaee music and that is a great thing for a DJ to gain more listeners to music.

With this release DJ Big Rob wasted no time with getting the party started, it starts off with straight bangers. In todays market finding a DJ who can properly spin dancehall music is rare and DJ Big Rob proves that he is amongst the few. The vibe of this release is fun & good times. with the release being 72 tracks deep you will most likely be having a great time listening to this until your body just cant dance anymore.

I have to also admitt I have no idea what most of the artist are saying in most of dance hall music but it just feels right. there are times when I have to call Big Rob and ask like , what does this and that mean ? And that's another great thing about him, he is a people person he doesnt mind taking the time  to explain or to teach which tracks blend with others.

In closing I have to say that this was a awsome listen for me, but you should go check it out so you can have the same experience.

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