It’s been reported that a Missouri concert promoter has accused members of Nelly’s entourage of kidnapping one of his bodyguards and threatening him. According to Paul Dunn, the rapper's road manager, Abby Cole, confronted him and demanded an extra $35,000 at the end of a show last year in August. Dunn said, “He had a figure wrote down and demanded when the concert was over I give him that money -- cash money.” Dunn claims that after the event, he was followed to IHOP, where he was cornered and threatened in the restaurant’s parking lot. Cole  basically kidnaps one of my security guards, I

thought I was going to get shot. I thought to be honest with you; I thought I was fixing to get shot.” A rep for Nelly said that apparently there was some miscommunication, that the agreed-upon price was $75,000. Dunn says he gave the emcee $40,000 and they never agreed on anything further. Dunn handed over a $35,000 check following the incident, but placed a stop payment before it could be cashed.

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