Every night at 7:50 we Highlight some one or something that is doing something incredible stupid. Tonight's victim of stupidity is Nancy Jones aka Mama Jones. Ms Jones is rapper Jim Jones mom and she makes her way into The Big Dummy Files, for her performance on last night's Love and Hip Hop or lack there of. Mama Jones actually took mother and daughter-in-law conflicts to a whole new level by making a DISS track towards her son's fiance.

Mama Jones and her soon to be daughter-in-law Chrissy, are part of the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop. Their conflict is the main story line of the show, but Mama Jones took it to the mic on last night's episode. YES this 55 year old woman made a DISS RECORD. At 55 years old your almost a SENIOR CITIZEN you have no business recording a rap record let alone a DISS RECORD. Jim Jone's mom needs to sit down and ACT HER AGE. That is a big problem with a lot of people in our community they are afraid of acting their AGE. Check the VIDEO BELOW.