I don't know about you, but I've always believed that an artist's personal life/beliefs should not sway whether we support them or not. There a a few major stories in the industry floating around right now, and I want to add my $.02.

First, Frank Ocean. He's a genius musician who has done a lot of work with majorly respected artists in the game right now (including, but not limited to, Beyonce, John Legend, Justin Beiber and Brandy). The "issue"? He decided to announce to the world that he is bisexual.

Personally, I really don't think people have the right to judge an artist by his/her sexual orientation. Who Frank Ocean decides to love is his business. I've heard some "industry professionals" claim they won't play his records anymore, and that's way too extreme. Feel how you want to, but don't let it affect your business. As long as he keeps making amazing music, his true fans will love him just the same -- if not more, for having the guts to reveal his true feelings.  I respect Mr. Ocean as an artist and will continue to support him because of that.


Secondly, Kanye West. There's a LOT of controversy where he's concerned right now. But, then again, isn't Mr. West always "up to something?" The current "issue" is that his music allegedly reflects devilish behavior.

Now, I have always been a fan of Yeezy's, and I don't care what or who he worships. His music is great. He is constantly reinventing his style while still keeping his signature Kanye swag. Ye doesn't care what you think, so why worry about what he does when the mic isn't recording?

Thirdly, Chris Brown. In the case of Chris Brown (after "the Rihanna incident") vs. the world, C. Breezy has come out on top. If you remember correctly, when the whole thing went down a few years ago, there was so much talk about his career being over. What does he have to say to that? "Look At Me Now"!

Chris has overcome a lot. He lost endorsement deals, musical supporters and love. Now? He holds the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 and R&B charts for his new album Fortune, and he is holding down that no. 1 spot in over 20 countries worldwide! CB continues to win awards for his MUSIC, gain fans for his MUSIC and sell out shows for his MUSIC.

My dad always used to stress this statement to me as a kid and it rings true now more than ever: "They're just people." Artists are people. They have their flaws, their pros, their cons, their downfalls, their rises to the top. Just like we do. They may be able to live life on a bigger scale, but they eat, sleep and breathe just like us.

Church is to State as Love is to Hate.