The Marketing GENIUSES who put together the Trailer for "GRAVITY" should be commended; they pulled me and many other people in as if we were being pulled in by a unyielding force of gravity... they got me...and they got me GOOD!!!!

Now of course this is my opinion and my "review" and, this may be the movie for you and you'll probably have a different opinion than I do, if you're into watching 2 people float around in Space for 2hrs....I mean that LITERALLY!!!!  "GRAVITY" includes 2 People, Images of Space...and a Plot (I guess)...if you call a guy having a "high powered jetpack" in the middle of Space (with his Female Astronaut Partner) on a mission to get back to Earth... some MIRACULOUS way... a Riveting plot...then get your ticket now!!!!!  That just isn't what "I" expected!!!

The Movie, to me, isn't even about "GRAVITY" at's more... or less... an ATTEMPT at providing an adventure for the viewer to experience what it would be like if you were STRANDED n Space...or just "in Outer Space" in general.  The 3D effects were "OK" but certainly NOT to the extent that I felt like I was actually "IN OUTER SPACE"....which, again, you can tell was the intent of the movie makers.  There was only ONE moment in the movie where I did actually MOVE TO THE SIDE, IN MY CHAIR, IN FEAR OF SOME SPACE DEBRIS COMING RIGHT AT ME!!! that was pretty cool... but aside from that....this is one of those Glorified TV Movies.  No one is going to get a Grammy for their Acting abilities (Trust Me) best; the movie "MIGHT" get an award for Cinematography or some Technology based award for the images of Space and Earth that were present throughout the movie.  The movie reminded me of a movie I saw awhile ago (I forget the name) of two people caught in the middle of the ocean trying to survive...and after watching them attempt top live... for two hours..., sharks ate them anyway...WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!????

I won't ruin the end of the movie for you if you're still curious to go and see it... but I can tell you the "END" result for me is that I wish I had waited for the movie to be shown at the $1 Theater instead of spending $13 for a two hour "WOW, I "THINK" I SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE I'M IN SPACE BECAUSE IT'S 3D" ...Movie!

On a scale of 1-10 I would give "GRAVITY" a 4 for it's acting and storyline...and maybe an 7 for it's Graphical attempt at showing you OUTER SPACE ...Star Trek does a much better job!  Overall...a ***5***!

Well Here's the "GENIUS" (ion my opinion) Trailer that PULLED ME IN.  Will You "FALL" for it!!!! ??? If you do...or already have...let me know what you thought of the movie.... I'd be VERY INTERESTED!!!!!