According to Fox 59 News A Indiana mother is accused of beating her 15- year-old son with an extension cord because he was wearing his pants sagging at school. He was sent home for the violation and the boys mother, 40-year-old Yolanda Womack, had to sign his disciplinary note. According to police, Womack was so angry with her son she allegedly told him "to remove all of his clothes so she could whip him." When the teen refused, Womack reportedly "got an extension cord and began striking him with it on his upper torso area." Leaving marks and whelps all over his upper body.


This is an unfortunate case and Yolanda Womack's outburst comes from the fear of her child ending up in jail or killed. He wants to live the stereotype of being a black man with his pants hanging off of his butt. He sees it all the time on TV and in the streets. The solution is not to beat him to the point where you leave marks, at 15 he is to old to be getting beat. That is embarrassing on his behalf that this story is in the news and his mom is in jail. The mom should've explained to him the consequences of being kicked out of school and wearing your pants sagging. People will look at you like your a criminal, because your trying to emulate a criminal dress code. There are going to be a lot more cases like this happening because of cases like Trayvon Martin, where you can be arrested or killed for just looking a certain way in this country. What do you think should this woman have been arrested for beating her son ?