I'm putting on my "Prophetic Hat" and predicting who will fill the Presidential Seat after President Obama in 2016.

The initial prediction is based on what seems to be a natural progression in that we have had a consecutive string of 43 White Male Presidents in a row up until 2008 when America changed somewhat.  Now listen...the following is not to be confused with me having any prejudices whatsoever...it's just an observation and assessment based on events that have taken place over the past 4 years.  Here goes!

The 2008 Presidential Election of the U.S.A.'s 1st African-American / Black President marked a moment in history where we saw the actual POWER OF THE VOTE identify an influential Black America.  The outcome of the election didn't necessarily exhibit a cultural swing in this nation such that BLACK was no longer a Minority...it simply suggested that there were a significant enough amount of Black people that occupy citizenship in this country to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the most important event this nation knows....the choosing of OUR LEADER!  To compare the outpouring of Black voter support for a Presidential candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election to the fact that MERELY only 40 years earlier Black people were not even allowed to drink out of the same drinking fountain as a White person...is a STAGGERING MATTER OF FACT!!!!

There was much speculation and belief that the Country, as a whole, had a new found attitude toward RACE which afforded the majority, in this nation,  the mindset and ability to embrace the possibility of the impossible...a BLACK PRESIDENT!  The outcome was tear jerking...after years and years of castration, cotton pickin', lynching, discrimination, rape and degradation of the Black woman, and the envious deprivation of the Black Male...America Elected A Black Man to LEAD!!!  Amazing!!!!!!

Fast forward four years later...after the testing period was complete...our Nation was divided.  I'm not so convinced the nation's division was based on it's opinion of the job the BLACK PRESIDENT did, (regarding his accomplishments or non-accomplishments), as much as it (the Nation) was the feeling or idea that due justice had been done in giving the "BLACKS" a taste of what it's like to be in CONTROL!  Now, it was time to "Take Control Back" before stuff got out of hand...you know that old saying, "give a n***** an inch and he'll take a mile"...well that was a real fear among certain members of our society...I mean, listen..."WE" (Black people) didn't create that saying...White people did.  What the "GOOD OL' BOYS" didn't realize in this election however...which I didn't either (and I don't think anyone did)... is that the make up of America has drastically changed.  The unplanned Public Census Report that was revealed per the 2012 Presidential Election was as shocking to GOP Conservatives as it was to anyone in these United States.  There were those that had no doubt that President Obama would be Re-Elected...but by whom...is one aspect of the final "voter turnout" picture no one knew or expected.  America revealed to America that the White Man's America had been ironically stolen away as quietly as an Indian Sneak Attack in a Cowboy movie...but at the same time, was as boldly evident as the most pronounced and colorful Indian Head Dressing!!!!

So FAST FORWARD... 2016... we have now become somewhat conceded to the fact that we have reached the point of NO RETURN and an unprecedented Liberal America has arisen... exemplified by our Marriage Standards, our legalization of mind and mood altering cigarettes, a melting pot of cultures ands races and religions and non-religions, and a BIG BROTHER government structure that can electronically detect and document how long it took you to use the bathroom and how many sheets of tissue you used!!!  That's where we're headed.

Taking into account the confused nature of our nation four years from now in 2016...which by the way will have had nothing to do with the President's Leadership...but more-so with the spoiled and self-centered attitude of FREE AMERICANS coupled with the "Cry Baby" personality of the Republican Controlled Congress... we will need a SAVIOR!!!!  And who better to clean the mess up than... A WOMAN!!!... just as they've cleaned up after negligent men forever anyway...  THUS, our next President Of The United States..... which brings us to wonder....WHO????

Who will this Wonder Woman be that will get us back on track?  She'll have to be strong and vocal...even somewhat visibly intimidating to the extent that you KNOW she means BUSINESS!!!!!  Someone who can hold up the great invisible walls of this nation and be the BACKBONE for Cha...... Hey...wait a minute...BACKBONE?  Hold on...she already exists...she's been the BACKBONE for 8 years already...she's been "The BARCAKBONE"...SHE'S THE ONE!!!!!..........  MICHELLE OBAMA!!!!!

AllI can say in closing is; Get Ready for the Ride America!  Michelle Obama 2016!!!!...it's a No-Brainer!