The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is Gregory Todd, According to the telegraph, Todd is a chef who almost died after being knifed by his girlfriend Tiffany Baillie says he will marry her as soon as she leaves the prison gates after a judge jailed her for three years. He appeared at Hull Crown Court last week with a white gold diamond solitaire ring with the intention of proposing in court in an act of Easter forgiveness.

You have got to be kidding me ... Out of all the women in the world you want to marry the one who almost stabbed you to death!!!! Some people have an appetite for destruction. I understand forgiving and forgetting, but the woman hasn't even served out her jail sentence yet. He had to wait 24 hours to be told the marriage proposal, relayed by her barrister, had been accepted in a tearful telephone call from Newhall Prison to his home in Hessle which they shared. Todd spent 3 months in the hospital recovering from the wounds, I guess some people just are made for each other. Welcome Mr Gregory Todd into THE BIG DUMMY FILES.