Kenneth Rowe is with out a doubt tonight's BIG DUMMY . Kenneth Rowe took his love for strippers too far. He left his baby in a liquor store while he went into a florida strip club, that was next door. According WFTV 9, Rowe walked into The SHARKLOUNGE on Sunday night drunk and carrying a baby. After asking a clerk in the liquor store area to watch the baby, Rowe went into the strip club. How stupid can one person be ?

Of course Kenneth Rowe was under the influence of alcohol, he was jailed for being drunk in public and child neglect. The child was returned to the mother later on that night, while Kenneth was taken to jail. I'm going to assume she is just as dis-functional as Kenneth, because she decided to reproduce with this idiot. Maybe Kenneth was blasting 2 Chainz, and Nicki Minaj on his way to the club and just took things way to far.