I saw this on FB, and it had a lot of people talking. People are really starting to get upset about various acts of racial profiling.

At first I thought the video was fake, but it turns out to be all the way real. Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Here is what the person who uploaded the video said about the event.

Xstrav and Tino Brown at the ABC Liquor store located in Fayeteville North Carolina waiting for Money Mal to come so that they could purchase some liquor. Suddenly an undercover cop approaches the both of them and demands to see what Xstrav is drinking. X shows him that its an Arizona Half And Half Ice Tea, the undercover demands that he hands it over so that he can read the ingredients. Once Xstrav denies handing over his can the cop tells him to leave the property for trespassing. Out of nowhere an actual drunken stranger walks up starts giving shout outs and smelling like liquor...OBVIOUSLY drunk and he is just ignored and walks away without incident. Then the cop tells X to put his hands behind his back so X gets arrested for trespassing. This is just a classic case of a cop taking advantage of his power and arresting a another black man for not doing things the way HE wanted him to do them. X was asked to show him what is in the can...After showing the cop that it was an Arizona Tea, that should've been it but because he didn't put it in the cops hand, the cop was upset and decided to put any charge on him....Share and thanks for watching...2nd video which shows the actual cop car showing up and arresting him

People have to learn to treat each other fairly. This "officer" was all the way in the wrong, and hopefully he will be punished.