To quote the words of Meek Mill "I told her meet me in the bathroom". Thats exactly what a 23-year-old man told a 15 year old girl. Now he has been arrested after he was allegedly found getting it in with the 15 year old in a courthouse bathroom. Roderick Clanton was caught with the girl in the men's bathroom in New Orleans. They were busted when a court employee walked into the bathroom and allegedly saw two pairs of legs sticking out from the bottom of a bathroom stall.

He went to alert security and sheriff's deputies swooped on the bathroom. Clanton was charged with carnal knowledge of a juvenile. He is accused of having consensual relations with the girl, police told WLTV. Clanton was not at the courthouse for a hearing, but could have been dropping off a sample for a drugs test, which is a requirement for probation from another offense

This man is the definition of THIRSTY. I'm willing to bet there was no protection anywhere on site when this was going down. This happened on national HIV testing day too, which makes it even worse. Clanton went to court to drop off a pee sample now he is going to be a registered offender.   I think this young lady should have consequences to suffer as well because she is not innocent in this situation. Clanton probably didn't even bother to ask her old she was he just saw an opportunity to get some and took advantage. At least he saved the police some gas money because he was already at the courthouse. Welcome newly required registered offender Roderick Clanton to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.