The new popular trend among Romney supporters is to metaphorically hang the President. All over the Country, Anti-Obama displays are being strung up trees, lynching the President's likeness. These citizens claim they are not racist, and that they are just exercising their 1st Amendment rights against the Black President.


Check out the video of this ridiculous 1st Amendment claim.

Not everyone has a life size Obama doll laying around, so many others are using an empty chair (made famous by Clint Eastwood at the Republican DNC) to symbolize the President.

Laura Mulholland of Kasson, Minnesota thought it would be a nice touch to stab the chair hanging outside her house with a bayonet, and that the noose was her husband's idea. A large Romney yard sign stands a short distance away from the chair.

“This guy needs to go. He needs to get fired. I mean, people need to kick him out of the White House,” Mulholland told the press. “People say that I’m racist. Well, maybe I am a little toward this president. I’m not toward black people, I am toward the president of the United States.”


Oh I get it, she's cool with Black people picking up trash and cleaning her car, but a educated black man in the White House? Now that's a problem!

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