Reports are, Lupe Fiasco is unhappy with his current record deal and admitted that he “hated” his album. According to sources, Lupe claimed his record label is holding him hostage.

In an interview, the We Are Lasers head spoke on the process of making the project and revealed that he felt like he was being ‘held up' by the label.

“I was specifically told” — Fiasco chuckled — “‘Don't rap too deep on this record.'” He laughed some more. “That was a specific order from the top. ‘You're rapping too fast or too slow, or it's too complex.' … There are consequences and combat that comes from that process and the eventual compromise. With me, though, I'm not writing about someone else. I'm writing about me. This is my life. It's very personal for me. So for somebody to kind of put their fingers in that and play with that, it becomes more damaging. I am a hostage. I gave them what they wanted. If I didn't, at the end of the day the album wasn't coming out.”
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