I watched the trailer for this local movie project called 'Killing The Future' without knowing what I was about to see. Then, almost immediately, I saw a friend of mine (and local pastor of Prince of Peace Temple C.O.G.I.C.), Rev. Vernal Harris.

If you know Rev. Harris (seen in the video playing the role of the pastor) as well as I do, you know he's never been in a movie...BUT has always wanted to be. You'd also know that the character that Rev. Harris is playing in the movie (as seen in the trailer) is NO ACT....That's REV. HARRIS 100 PERCENT...that's HIM...no act.

Now that makes it VERY INTERESTING and INTRIGUING. So now I'm watching this trailer not knowing what to expect, and I had to pinch myself because...like I stated earlier...IT'S REVEREND HARRIS!!!!!! Wow!

What struck me even more than seeing someone I know in such a WELL-PRODUCED trailer...is the FACT that this looks like a REAL MOVIE...AND...THE SUBJECT MATTER IS ON POINT!!!! This is not just another locally produced amateur movie...and I'm not knocking or dismissing any local or amateur effort...it's just that this movie trailer makes the movie look like it could prove to be a SLEEPER...AWARD-WINNING MOTION PICTURE!!!

Congratulations to Rev. Vernal Harris and the other local professionals in the trailer, as well as all the technical people who are helping create this phenomenal-looking movie whose SUBJECT MATTER IS WHAT'S NEEDED MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!