According to reports, Producer Darius Harrison, a.k.a. Deezle, is in the process of suing rapper Lil Wayne for several tracks Deezle produced for the Tha Carter III album. Deezle claims that he’s owed money for producing “Lollipop,” “Whip It,” “Prostitute 2,” “Action,” “Mrs. Officer,” and “Let The Beat Build.” The New Orleans producer states that he’s owed about $20 million, close to a third of the $70 million Tha Carter III made following its release.

 Another lawsuit stemming from the release of Tha Carter IIIalbum for non-payment for their contributions, producer Jim Jonsin, who also co-produced "Lollipop,". And months after Tha Carter III’s release Lil Wayne was forced to drop the track “Playing With Fire” from the album because of its similarity to the Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire.”

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