I was reading an AOL news article and a stumbled upon this story. Last week in Pittsburgh, PA, 21 year old John Engel allegedly stole $400 from a 2 years old piggy bank. Back in August, a woman also accused him of stealing $60 a cellphone and condoms, before she decided to kick him out of her house. After not showing up to the hearing regarding the woman's stolen property, police arrested John and charged him with minor larceny.

Most likely the piggy bank was for something important (college tuition, security deposit for the child's first car or just money for emergencies.) I'm sure John Engel wasn't thinking much about the child's future when he decided to steal from him. Now the majority of the money John took, probably went towards something along the lines of food and alcohol. Mind that this is not a person of a good faith. Having previous charges for larceny, I would understand why the parent/parents would directly accuse John for taking the money. Personally, if someone stole from my child I would try to get him for everything he has, and then some.

If you were in the parents shoes and knew John's previous charge for larceny, what would you do? (Or should I say, how much pain would you inflict on him).


Contributed by WBLK Intern Adam Fineberg.