Let me take you on a journey through some of my favorite Eminem moments and take a deeper look into his life as we celebrate his 40th birthday today (Oct 17th)! 

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Marshall Mathers was raised by a single mother on the white side of 8 mile in Warren, MI. A city where I spent most of my childhood. I can testify to most of the facts presented in the movie 8 Mile.

Take take a deeper look at the man behind the music on 60 minutes.

I remember the first time I heard "My Name Is". I was on my way to visit Arizona State University and the song came on in the car and the DJ said, that's Detroit's own, Slim Shady. I was so proud that a rapper from Detroit was getting radio play way out on the West Coast!

A few years later, I was cast in Shady Records artist Obie Trice music video, "Got Some Teeth". Even though it didn't pay a lot to be an extra, I stayed for the entire 16 hour shoot just to enjoy the 45 seconds that I spent with him on set! (See if you can spot me in the video)

Did you see me? Look for the curly haired girl in purple :) Ok so my next Slim Shady encounter came at the 50 Cent Show in Detroit. I was sitting calmly while 50 Cent and his crew performed Patiently Waiting, until all of the sudden, I see a white boy in all white creep out from backstage. I was so excited, I ran down to the front row and was screaming with all the rest of the crowd!

Next Up, two of my favorite Eminem Songs. 1. The Way I Am 2. Forever

I get chills every time I hear Em begin his verse!


Even though Em & I share a lot of similar life experiences living in Detroit, I never did get the chance get to know him personally. I did befriend his BFF Proof. Who I spent many a nights hanging out with at his mom's after hours spot, at the Dungeon aka D12 Studio and the last time I seen Proof was at the Shady Bowl concert during Superbowl 40 in Detroit.

Happy Birthday Eminem!