Fat Joe and Remy Ma are burning up New York City airwaves with their new single "All the Way Up," and in a new interview N.O.R.E. hints at Jay Z getting on the remix.

“We did something great for the city,” says Noreaga about some recent dot connecting he did with Memphis Bleek. “We can’t announce it now. But we connected two dots… and without me and Bleek, them dots wouldn’t be connected, and it looks like it’s going to happen. I got my homey on the phone with his big homey. [You know] Bleek’s big homey… and me & Pun’s big homey… you should be able to come up with the story. Something great is about to happen for the city. ”

Fat Joe and Hov have apparently buried the hatchet from years ago. You'll recall the infamous story of Pun hitting Jigga over the head with a bottle, a story N.O.R.E. confirmed to Taxstone last year. Jay ended up giving Noreaga a call about that little piece of press, but the call didn't quite go as planned.

“He called in and it was an unknown call, so I picked it up and he said, ‘Yo,’ and I said, ‘Yo,’” N.O.R.E. explained. “He said, ‘Yo, this Jay.’ I said, ‘Jay who? For arguments purposes, ‘Jay who?’” Then he said “‘Jay Z.’” I said, ‘Whoever this is need to work on their Jay Z accent because you sound super white. There’s no way you can be Jay Z.” Not swayed, N.O.R.E. hung up on him.

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