I hear that rapper Ja Rule is working on a new reality show, as he get ready to do a 2 1/2 year prison sentence in March. Sources say, Ja, is currently in Miami putting the finishing touches on his album Renaissance Project, he’s also busy filming an untitled reality series. According to Ja Rule the series will showcase the months leading up to his jail sentence, for attempted possession of a weapon, charges stemming from 2007 gun case. "My reality show, I like it because it's showing a strong black family going through a tough time, and how we band together as a family and how my wife and kids, my moms and her moms, bond together during this tough time when I have to go in." The rapper went on to say that the main focus of the show was about "black love." "It's really a good show and it shows black love in a good way," Ja Rule is also putting together a sequel to his hit 2001 album Pain Is Love.

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