Does a visit to the Erie County Jail, based on you having done something to justify being there, put you in a situation such that you just "Get What You Deserve"?

It has often been said that one of the guarantees in life, if you're heritage involves you being born a Black / African - American Male, includes an inevitable and eventual trip to a jail holding cell...not suggesting Black / African - American females are void of this experience, however the general consensus is that it's normally male related.  Once incarcerated you legally lose certain rights... should that include your right to be respected... OR... should that be a right at all when placed "behind bars"?

The video below has surfaced in The Buffalo News after a two year battle in which two attorneys fought to get nine minutes of security footage from an underground holding cell released, according to The Buffalo News.

Have you had any experience involving being placed in a holding cell?  If you have had the experience; please comment on the treatment you received.    If you have not had this experience; please at least watch the video below and chime in on whether you think the treatment the gentleman (in the video) received, at the hands of The Erie County Sheriff's Deputies, is appropriate or inappropriate.  LEAVE ANY RACIAL BIAS ASIDE!!!!

When finished here please visit the following link on the WBLK Website and take the "Know Thyself Pledge"...which promotes a mindset and character such that you will not have to deal with holding cells and legal conflicts!

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