Take the WBLK Know Thyself pledge and share this page with others because “Right Knowledge Corrects Wrong Behavior”!

Read the pledge below, and then submit your information to WBLK so that we can issue your "Know Thyself Pledge" certificate. Certificates are distributed here at the station (14 Lafayette Sq., Suite 1200, Buffalo).

I [YOUR NAME HERE] take the WBLK Know Thyself Pledge.

I pledge to be sincere, honest and committed.

I recognize my ability to take charge of my life. I am responsible for all my decisions, bad or good.

In every situation, I have a choice, because I understand that I am an infinite choice maker. I will do my best to always make a good choice.

I am always thinking consciously and always thinking consciously of others. My practice is to be the best friend I can be to all people.

My honesty is a good example for others to follow.

I am confident that if I work hard, I can achieve greatness in all things. I have goals, and I will work to achieve them.

Reading, writing and getting an education are a very important part of my life. I must earn the best possible grade in all subjects (whether in elementary school, middle school, high school, night school or college, or from a respected elder in the community).

If I wear sagging pants, I will pull them up in honor of my ancestors.

And because I practice all these things, all the time, life rewards me, and wherever I go, I will share the message that to Know Thyself is to love thyself.

Because “Right Knowledge Corrects Wrong Behavior”!