ILoveMakonnen is back with a new video for his track "Where Ya Girl At?"

The rap crooner takes the party straight to the pool in this lit Penguin Suit Lu directed visual. Clearly, this video wasn't filmed anywhere near any urban areas as the Atlanta-based Cali transplant takes White Party to a whole new level. The turn up is still the same, with twerking cupcakes, dabbing, water guns and wet bikinis all taking center stage at some point. And all along, M is the only male specimen in the entire treatment. Now that's a ratio we can get down with.

Mak dropped three projects in 2015 including Drink More Water 5, iLoveMakonnen 2 EP and the Whip It mixtape with Rich The Kid.

With all that, plus touring, the "Tuesday" singer is ready to settle down for a while before punching in to complete his debut album. He's already had studio time with Kanye West, Rick Rubin and David Guetta.

“I’m excited to take a break from all of this running around,” he recently told Paper. “I’m looking forward to traveling and enjoying things, because I feel like enjoyment has been taken away. I feel like I just need a call from my mom saying, ‘Get home, you need to do some chores before you go out and enjoy some more.’ It’s been such a party — drink after drink. All you do is go and change your clothes.”

From the looks of things in this video, the party never stopped.

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