This is the scenario for the day, a age old question and a great way to kick off the new year. One that I think every woman on the planet can relate to this came from a female listener. I caught my boyfriend of 2 years in a lie about another woman. This is not the first time I think he has cheated on me but that was the last.

I hear how you talk about women on the radio but I know I am a good women. I have been very supportive of him in our relationship. I took care of all of his sexual needs, I cooked and cleaned his apartment for him on the regular and helped him out when he was in a bind financially.

I gave him his space and let him hang with his boys on the weekend while I stayed home. It was like I just couldn’t do enough to satisfy him, because there was always another female in the picture. I feel like a fool because I was giving advice when my girlfriend was going through the same thing a few months ago. Women need your help, can you tell us what is going on with you men? Do y’all know what they really want in a woman? What can we do to keep a man from cheating?