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Community Conversations: Let Me Love You is designed for the reason of giving the women in our community an opportunity to share their stories, and experiences, and challenges. Men are invited to attend and simply listen. Get all the details here!
Buffalo’s Worst Marriage Proposal Stories [LIST]
All of my friends are starting to get engaged and listening to one of my friend's ideas to propose was hard to listen to. It was the worst idea that I have ever heard and I can't even imagine what his girlfriend would think after she was done being excited...
Did You Spend Too Much On Your Wedding? Yep, Look At This
If you're debating whether to go elope somewhere or have an elaborate wedding now if you took your wedding budget and INVESTED it instead.  They used the S&P 500 as the basis for their investing. With the average wedding now adays being about $30,000, it is safe to say you would ha…

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