Ghost stories aren't just for the camp fire anymore. And Halloween isn't the only time for ghost hunting. There is actually a list floating around the Internet of haunted places in the city of Buffalo. Beyond the obvious cemeteries and insane asylums, parks and colleges have been known to be haunted as well. What exactly qualifies something as haunted? It usually involves a mysterious murder many years ago and a spirit seeking revenge. Sound like an overused horror film script? It probably is.

For any of these places you can find someone who will tell you a firsthand encounter they had with the spirits but how can you believe it. Is there even existence beyond this physical world, are angry ghost walking the streets when we’re sleeping? Until you come in contact with them I guess you’ll just have to stick to campfire stories.

Whether or not you believe in these stories are up to you, but in the meantime check out what’s haunted in the Buffalo NY area, it could even be your home. Make sure you let us know what you think.

Haunted Places in Buffalo:

WBLK Intern Terri Polk contributed to this article