God bless the kids. Gucci Mane is participating in Career Day at the Crawford Long Middle School in Atlanta.  One of the biggest problems in this world is that the youth aren’t being guided.

It's good to see rappers giving back to the community, but come on Gucci Mane is probably the worst role model for a kid to have. This man has killed someone, been to jail for stupid reasons multiple times, Gucci has been caught on camera hitting women, pushed a woman out of a moving car, and maybe responsible for some of the worst raps in the history of man kind. Even after all of his actions, he still managed to become a millionaire.

Despite his personal issues, Gucci Mane is not a good career advice person, he ruined his own career when he made an album with Kreasyhawn. I really hope he spoke to those kids about avoiding some of the situations that destroyed his career.

I'm not even mad at Gucci Mane for trying to give back.  Here is some free advice Gucci,  go down to the scared straight kids and talk to them.  My problem is with the person who thought it was a good idea to invite Gucci Mane for career day.  Welcome to the BIG DUMMY FILES.