If you could come up with the perfect way to deter crime, what would it be?  Prison sentences, monetary fines, boot camp, even a consequence of death doesn't seem to deter criminals from committing crime.

Please share with us your CREATIVE SOLUTION FOR DETERRING CRIME (below).  My idea is the following:  I noticed, when reading the news on the air this morning, there wasn't much news...and beyond that, there was NO VIOLENT NEWS!!!!  Then I realized it had rained pretty heavily yesterday and ...EUREKA... it dawned on me!.... Criminals don't like the rain...they don't enjoy getting wet.  So my CREATIVE SOLUTION in the "war on crime" and deterring it is: A PUBLIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM!!!!!  They have cameras in certain areas on the utility poles...equip those same utility poles with a Public Sprinkler System and have it trigger if too many people gather at the street corner, etc...SPRINKLE THEM LIGHTLY WITH SOME "FAKE RAIN"!!!! IDK!

What do you think?  What's your CREATIVE SOLUTION TO DETERRING CRIME!!!?

Here's a video showing what one Business Owner came up with to CREATIVELY DETER CRIME!