We all know this Generation of kids is all about texting, being online and updating their status on social media. But for once, we got Generation Z to get out, get active and interact face to face with their peers. Check out the video evidence inside. 

These past two weeks have been very eventful for Generation Z. It’s Back to school time, which means back to football and Greek life on the campuses of BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO. Both campuses have an abundance of Gen Z activity going on, but not the normal activity this “Net Generation” generation is known for.

Intern KJ was on Buffalo State’s campus browsing around and came across the sisterhood Omega Phi Beta and I must say these ladies put their face on the line to help women who are facing domestic violence. They did not have any technology near them besides a DJ during their fund raiser. They were very interactive with the passing and participating students and they were raising money to help a great cause that is turning into a serious epidemic in our nation. Not only did they display an encouraging act of kindness to women but they are also aware that they can make a difference to their public through word of mouth and on site interaction.


That same weekend Intern KJ took a trip to the University of Buffalo to see the UB VS Morgan State game which I must say was good entertainment. Of course UB smacked Morgan State down through the whole game but as a college unit they fused all the generation and created a youthful driven event. The students ran the concession stands, the kid’s game zone and helped the younger children at the bounce house near the field. I met up with two Zeds and put them to work at first they seemed uneasy or as they would say “naked without my phone” but as the interaction of the crowd and surrounding public they had a new interest. They wanted to be social face to face they were enlightened by a whole new world of activities and I will say one of them now has their heart on going to a D1 school to ball after watching that game and seeing how the atmosphere  outside of the internet and high school really is.

If we can raise awareness of the importance of college to the younger generation and let them see what it’s like through their own eyes, we can achieve almost anything because knowledge is power and when power is used for good everyone benefits.

Know Thy Generation!