Generation Z

#OpGenZ Let’s Talk About Sex Part 2
The Buffalo news recently wrote an article that 51% of Buffalo High School students are sexually active. 81% of those teens do not use protection! It is our job as adults to get to the root of this trend and stop this train before it derails and falls off a cliff with our future inside! Read more ab…
Generation Z at Play [VIDEO]
We all know this Generation of kids is all about texting, being online and updating their status on social media. But for once, we got Generation Z to get out, get active and interact face to face with their peers. Check out the video evidence inside.
Get Social W/O Social Media [#OpGenZ]
This Labor day weekend, we have perfect weather to get outside and enjoy the last few days of summer. But Generation Z might be too locked into their iPods, Smart phones and laptops to even notice!
Operation Gen Z to the rescue! Let's explore the benefits of getting social without…
Who is Generation Z [Part 1/4]
Summer is winding down and the new school year swings in full gear in less than 4 weeks! The Class of 2020 is entering middle school, while class of 2016 prepares for life as a High School freshman.
So as us parents prepare for back to school for the latest gear and high tech school supplies, WBLK wa…