In a recent episode of "Scared Straight" inmates in the Alternative Lifestyle Unit of the Fulton County, GA Prison talk to teens about prison life. Do you think using homosexuality as a scare tactic helps troubled kids stay out of jail ? I don't think anyone in the history of the prison system has ever been sentenced by a judge to prison rape.

If all these prison rapes are going on at the Fulton This sounds like human rights violation, no one should have to go to prison to be raped. Then to put it on TV for children to think this is everyday behavior in prison is wrong. If so many people are getting raped in prison as randomly as this show portrays, why is everyone turning a blind eye? Also I don't see why the show didn't put an actual rape victim up there to talk to the kids, all of the men involved admit to being gay.

This alone makes everything on the show seem very suspect. The show producers are using prison sterotypes to get ratings and the sad part about it is people will say all parties involved deserve this because they are in prison. They are exploiting children, homosexuals, the viewers, and prisoners all for entertainment and what makes it even worse tax payers help to pay for it.