This is the only time I wish someone was around with a camera during a fight. Senior Citizens apparently don't know how to act either, they began fighting over a dispute during bingo. Here is how it went down according to WFXT.

A bingo game for seniors turned violent when two women began arguing over the sale of beauty products at the Feaster Apartments on Friday. Portsmouth officers responded to the community room at the senior living apartment building after receiving a report of "pushing and shoving" due to a disagreement over the sale of Avon products. Sgt. Kuffer Kaltenborn said the call came around 2 p.m., during a regularly scheduled bingo game at the facility. He said one woman was upset at another resident for setting up a table to sell her cosmetics during the game. Police said the alleged victim had marks on her arm; however, officers are still investigating whether an assault actually occurred during the game. "A third party alleges that the one that wanted to sell her products grabbed the wrist of the other person who wanted to play bingo,"

I hope someone recorded this fight, but knowing old people like I know old people, no one in that room could probably figure out how to use their phone.