Fetty Wap's song "Again" isn't about paternity tests, but it very well could be. Three weeks after having a child with Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Masika Kalysha, the rapper has found himself at the center of another baby-related drama, as another woman is claiming that he is the father of her child. And as The Shade Room has reported, Fetty is once again denying the claims.

"I wish she post the real father & stop playin with my life this gettin old," Fetty wrote in response to a TSR post covering the story. When news first broke of Kalysha's pregnancy, Fetty denied that he was the father, accusing the reality star of intending to get pregnant and later apologizing for the back-and-forth that ensued. Eventually, Fetty embraced the pregnancy, spending $20,000 on clothes, toys and furniture, and attending the child's first doctor visit.

In addition to the above IG post, The Shade Room has messages from the new woman, who details her relationship with Fetty, writing, "Moral of the story, I was FW Fetty which everybody knew me & him was on bad terms I FW Faatier me & Fall Fell Apart I start FUCKN back With Fetty I got pregnant in Dec I was still FUCKN Fetty Stfu cause All y’all Bitchs Do it I had Chemistry with Faatier - Fetty Was just lust ! Always play the game how it go shit happens I got pregnant a lot of ppl laughing but in the same shit situation I know clearly who my baby father is."

The ordeal with Kalysha played out over several months, and while it isn't clear at the offset that this will go the same, it can't be a welcome development for Fetty, who just a few weeks ago broke up with model Alexis Sky.

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