The Steph Curry and Klay Thompson of hip-hop, Fetty Wap and Monty, link up and make another banger titled "Instant Friend." From "Trap Queen" to "679" to "My Way," the Remy Boyz members form a unstoppable duo that have produced a number of chart topping hits. On "Instant Friend," Remy Boy Monty and Fetty are looking for women who are in need of companionship.

"At night is when you the type that I want/What you liking baby girl, what you need you can have it/I just want to show you that I'm not, what you're used to/Girl, I swear I'll change/Just a chance to show you that I love you," croons the former XXL Freshman on the hook. Monty comes in for the final verse and closes the song nicely.

"Baby you looking like a star/You deserve trips to the mall/You deserve dick in the car/Oh I swear I can't get her off/And its all for the love/And its all cuz of her/Girl you looking so sweet/And I know what you need."

With the weather warming up and sundress season quickly approaching, "Instant Friend" sounds a song that is going to get a ton of run in the clubs and on the radio. Stream the CashMoneyAP-produced above.

Fetty and Monty have been by each other sides since they both exploded onto the scene. We spoke to the Paterson, N.J. native about his bond with Monty. "Mont, that’s my brother," he said. "I always say that. It’s because before where I got to where I’m at right now, Monty was there. Monty ain’t going to have to rap if he don’t want to. He don’t gotta rap. I got him. He’s going to be good because that’s my brother so to see branch [him] out and be his own artist, that makes me feel proud to have him by my side. He’s not feeding off of me; he’s feeding off his own energy. Monty is his own artist and together, we just are who we are. We the Remy Boyz, we the Zoo Gang, that’s how it is. I got all these guys back no matter what it is."

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