A 46-year-old man and his 23-year-old daughter have been arrested for incest after police said DNA tests proved they had a child together. According to cops in Bethel, Connecticut, arrested George Sayers Jr. and Tiffany Hartford said they discovered the incest when they were tipped off to this relationship by Tiffany's ex-girlfriend who told police the couple was distributing pr0n.

When police interviewed father and daughter, Tiffany claimed despite the fact she's a spitting image of George she didn't know he was her father because at the time of her birth, her mother was having sex with George and another man named Lee Hartford.

Bethel man, daughter charged with incest

Tiffany told police she believed that Lee Hartford was her father, but they admitted to police they didn't know for sure.The child, who's 2 years old, is in the custody of family services. Interesting fact: Father and daughter live in a home with eight other family members. This is disgusting. If you had any idea this man maybe your father why in the world would you sleep with him and have a child ??