Fantasia made the cover of Jet Magazine! But instead of being honored by the gesture, Ms. Barrino is demanding an apology. Jet Magazine has published a Fantasia cover story about rumors, regrets and what’s next with the R&B singer. To go along with this story, of course, there needs to be a cover photo. So, Fantasia and her reps sent Jet Magazine images from a recent photo shoot, debuting her now Fab look.


These pics are beautiful!! But yet Jet Magazine refused to use the new photos of Fantasia. Instead, they used a photo from 10 years ago when Fantasia had a whole different look and image.

Jet Magazine

Fantasia was really bothered so she went to Instagram and stated that the photo that was used doesn’t represent her new direction and look. She also said that she wants a public apology from Jet Magazine. Her full comment is in the picture below.

Instagram @TasiasWord

Jet magazine released this statement in reply to Tasia's disappointment

But then Jet went ahead and retweeted a picture kind of mocking Fantasia and the situation.


Despite everything, many people are standing behind both Fantasia and Jet Mag.