Young Thug revealed the title of his forthcoming album, Carter Six, this week, keeping a promise he made in October to continue Lil Wayne's Carter album series. Fans aren't too pleased with the rapper's decision with many calling the whole thing disrespectful.

After Thugger revealed the album cover -- he's nude -- and title of the project on Instagram, fans quickly hopped on social media to voice their opinions on the matter. While some applaud the Atlanta rapper for the album name and are more than excited to finally hear it, a vast majority are upset with his decision. Not only do they feel that he should choose a different tile, but many believe that the whole idea is blasphemous.

"Young Thug releasing his debut album as 'Tha Carter 6' is the most disrespectful act in recent hip-hop history," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Hip-hop fans even started to debate in the comments section of Young Thug's Instagram post. "Nah if you know about Wayne u wouldn't even say thug don't gives no f---s because if there wasn't a Wayne there wouldn't b no carter 6 @therealcrazycress listen to his old music and new music I like thug just like u he good great but not yet in Wayne level at least not enough to drop a album involving Dwayne," a supporter wrote.

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Meanwhile, @therealcrazycress responded by saying, "@__youngmike__ I've heard every Wayne track in the world. Wayne is rap to me, that's my generation, but there's a whole bigger world out there, and music way goes beyond Lil Wayne. No one is better than another, because you can't compare one individual to another. Two way different musicians. It's an album title, no big deal, I'm a gigantic Wayne fan, and I think it's hilarious, and I'm sure Dwayne agrees himself. Although, furthermore, I've been a Young Thug fan, since 2010/2011."

Despite how fans of both Young Thug and Lil Wayne react, Weezy himself has yet to respond to the Carter Six announcement. Do you think Wayne will be flattered or offended? Only time will tell.

Young Thug's Carter Six arrives April 17.

Check out some of the fan reactions below.

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