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    Drake - Headlines [EXPLICIT]

    In the video Headlines, the first thing that starts to catch my eye is how all the scenes split and change repeatedly and very frequent – almost giving me a headache right off the[ Toronto Blue Jays] bat!

    Drake stands front and center with his goons, all dressed in black with everybody’s favorite owl attending the meeting as well.

    It’s been rumored that the Young Money Entertainment star will soon be leaving his label-mates. Something that my strained eyes also notice is the fact that the video does not contain Wayne, Nicki, or any other people from Young Money. Maybe Drake is really saying Take Care and Goodbye to Young Money?

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    Big Sean - Dance [EXPLICIT]

    In the video for Dance by Big Sean, I like how it starts off with the black and white, displaying the word “Ass” in several different languages.

    When the beat drops, it’s like “who does this kid Big Sean think he is, Will Smith and the Fresh Prince?!?!?”

    Big Sean loves ass so much that he got busted on charges of touching when he had no permission, fortunately he was able to get off on a fine of just under $1,000. Nicki jumps in to lay some plastic booty in Big Sean’s video, but not Drakes?