In the almost two decades since DMX hopped in the game with his classic debut, It's Dark and Hell is Hot, the D is his name has come to stand for "drama." The Yonkers rap OG finds himself in the news again after being accused of sexual assault by a women who he accused of stealing from him.

According to CBS LA, the alleged incident occurred in Costa Mesa, Calif. on Saturday morning (April 9). Police were called to a hotel in the city in response to reports of a couple arguing.

When they arrived, Earl accused the unidentified 25-year-old woman of stealing a watch and cash from him. After being taken into custody for grand theft, the woman alleged that the MC had sexually assaulted her. The woman was arrested on the charges and has since posted bail. DMX has not been arrested based on the woman's allegation, but police are currently looking into the matter.

X made the news a few months back after he was found unconscious outside a Ramada Inn in his hometown. A witness allegedly told the police that DMX had “ingested some sort of powder” before collapsing. There were other reports that an asthma attack might have been the cause of the black out. He was rushed to the hospital and released a short time later after evaluation. The cause of the health scare is still unknown to the public.

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