It was another classic battle this morning between two icons, Tina Turner and Diana Ross.

Of course Tina Turner’s first single was with husband Ike Turner back in 1960 with their release of “A Fool In Love”.

The duo stayed together through some of the most challenging times and released their very last single as a duo in 1975 with “Baby-Get It On”.

Tina went on to start her solo career in 1975 as well and released the single “Whole Lotta Love” that flopped. Her next single would not be dropped until 1984 called “Let’s Stay Together” and Tina was on her way to super stardom!

Diana Ross’ start came with the legendary trio known as the Supremes and they released their very first single two years after Ike and Tina in 1962. The ladies enjoyed a string of hits and contributed to the original sound of Motown. They released their last single in 1977.

Diana enjoyed a string of hits through 1991.

In the end, Tina Turner was victorious by a total of 5 votes this morning!