I searched the internet for RARE MAYA ANGELOU hoping to find something "Out of The Ordinary" and I found a few things.

I found a number of videos with Maya Angelou talking about TUPAC SHAKUR, which Brian James will be doing a Blog about later (check out Brian's World tonight and Every Weeknight from 6PM -10PM).

I also found a RARE 4-Part Series of Interviews David Chappelle did with Maya Angelou that REALL BLEW MY MIND!!!!  WOW... If you REALLY want to know who Dr, Maya Angelou "was" and "is"... I URGE YOU to watch the following videos  (take your time but watch all of them)...she even talks about being RAPED by her Mother's Boyfriend.  This 4-Part Interview is RECENT and a part of the "ICONOCLASTS" Special Series for Television Presented By Grey Goose Entertainment & The Sundance Channel... recorded in January of this year (2014).