Buffalo's own D-Mack recently dropped a instant hood classic C.O.D. (Mixtape). D-Mack could easily be the living definition of the words "Real Rap". Because when your Raps are based on what happened in your Real life its hard to ignore. When listening to some of D-mack's releases you can actually feel the pain, frustration, ups & Downs that he paints. A Buffalo legend in his own right who is now headed down a successful path with music you have to tip you hat to him. I can remember growing up and seeing that Yellow Mustang flying throughout the hood and just saying to my self "One day im a get one" , well its probably 10yrs later and i still cant afford it (let me hold something D- Mack ?? lol). But listening to his struggle inspires me to keep going because in the end we will all get what we want through determination and hard work. I know that D- Mack will continue to see much success in the future and im always here if big bruh need me.